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Chateau Amsterdam

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    Chateau Amsterdam, 51, Johan van Hasseltweg, Nieuwendammerham, Noord, Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands, 1021 KN, Netherlands


    51 Johan van Hasseltweg

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  • About Chateau Amsterdam

    In the dynamic landscape of Amsterdam’s North district, Chateau Amsterdam stands out as a pioneering urban winery, blending traditional winemaking with a modern, city-inspired twist. Established as the first urban winery in the Netherlands, Chateau Amsterdam is not just a winery; it’s a new wave in the wine world, inviting both connoisseurs and curious explorers alike to experience wine in a completely new context.

    Chateau Amsterdam breaks the mold of traditional wineries. Instead of rolling vineyards, it finds its home in a stylishly converted industrial space, where the city’s creative energy permeates the walls. The winery sources high-quality grapes from the best European vineyards, bringing the countryside’s bounty to the heart of the city. This unique approach allows for an exciting fusion of international flavors and techniques, all under one roof.

    The interior of Chateau Amsterdam combines industrial chic with a warm, welcoming atmosphere. The space is intentionally open and transparent, offering visitors a firsthand look at the winemaking process. From fermentation tanks to aging barrels, the journey from grape to glass is displayed in an engaging and educational way.

    The wine selection at Chateau Amsterdam is as diverse as it is innovative. Visitors can enjoy a range of styles, from classic reds and whites to experimental blends and limited-edition batches. Each wine tells its own story, reflecting the winery’s commitment to craftsmanship, creativity, and collaboration.

    Guided tours and tastings are a highlight at Chateau Amsterdam. These experiences are not only about sampling wines but also about understanding the winemaking process, the origin of the grapes, and the stories behind each blend. The knowledgeable staff adds depth to each tasting, making it an enriching experience for both wine novices and aficionados.

    Beyond wine, Chateau Amsterdam often hosts events and workshops, fostering a community of wine lovers and culture enthusiasts. From music nights to art exhibitions, the winery is a hub of cultural activity, mirroring the vibrant spirit of Amsterdam itself.

    Chateau Amsterdam is more than just a winery; it’s a destination where the urban and the traditional merge to create a unique wine experience. Whether you’re a local or a traveler, a visit to Chateau Amsterdam is an opportunity to see, taste, and learn about wine in a setting that is both inspiring and distinctly Amsterdams.

  • Good To Know

    Urban Winery: Chateau Amsterdam is not your typical winery; it is an urban winery located in Amsterdam-Noord, bringing the craft of winemaking into the heart of the city.

    Collaborative Approach: The winery works in close collaboration with grape farmers from all over Europe, sourcing quality grapes from regions such as Spain, Slovenia, and Germany to create their wines.

    Family Business: Founded by a father and son duo in 2017, Chateau Amsterdam is a modern family growing company, which adds a personal touch to their winemaking process and customer relations.

    Variety of Wines: They produce both modern and classic wines, which means there’s a wine to suit a wide range of palates, from traditionalists to those looking for something new and exciting.

    Winery Tours: Chateau Amsterdam offers tours which are succinct and to the point, providing an educational yet enjoyable experience for visitors.

    Tasting Experiences: Visitors can indulge in tasting sessions where they can sample the winery’s diverse range of wines, learning about the different flavors and production methods.

    Warehouse Conversion: The winery has transformed one of Amsterdam Noord’s warehouses into a restaurant and winery, offering an all-round experience for the taste buds in a unique industrial setting.

    Italian Cuisine: Alongside wine production, Chateau Amsterdam also indulges guests with Italian cuisine, pairing delicious food with their locally produced wines.

    Wine Expertise: The winery has received praise for its wines, including a positive review from wine expert Harold Hamersma, who described their white wine as having a pleasant balance of sweetness, sourness, and freshness.

    Innovative Spirit: Chateau Amsterdam represents the innovative spirit of the city, combining traditional winemaking techniques with a modern urban setting, making it a unique and forward-thinking addition to


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